Hello, I'm Florian Hervieux, I'm an Engine/Game Developer student currently at Supinfogame Rubika (5th year), France.

Please feel free to explore the school and personnal projects I worked on. I'm mainly interested in working in Game Engine Programming. In my most recent project (Lights Orb), I'm working with C++ in UE4. I'm currently working on my graduation project Jivana which is mainly written in C++ with UE4.

Otherwise, I love playing around with OpenGL and I started working, as a side project, on my own game engine several years ago to make some game ideas more concrete.

I am currently looking for a 3 to 6 months internship in Programmation, from July to December 2021 (included).

Lights Orb

Slip into the shoes of a parkour amateur, pacing the heights of an abandoned city! Helped by an Orb of Energy, overcome the obstacles on your way to get the highest score!

Rubika - SupinfogameUnreal Engine 4C++
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Graduation project at RUBIKA Supinfogame. Currently in pre-production phase. Embodying Aélis, a priestess with the ability to manipulate water, the player must open the way for the community he is the guardian of.

Rubika - SupinfogameUnreal Engine 4C++
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Own Engine

An engine I have been developping for several years. I rebooted it to make it more up to date, with Forward+, PBR, abstracting Input management, ECS, Dear ImGui and OpenGL 4.5.

The goal of this engine is to be used for a simulation and city-builder game and to handle thousands of lights of different types.

~Background footage from December 2016~

Personal projectC++OpenGL
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Funk Off

A game about disco and funk where the player has to do dance moves to increase his groove.

This game was made under CCCP studio supervision.

Rubika - SupinfogameUnityC#

Long Giant

Experience augmented reality (AR) through the eyes of a giant, willing to build a monument, destroying and toying with human constructions to get resources!

Rubika - SupinfogameUnityC#MobileAR

Tutored project - Rubik's Cube

Shuffle this puzzle and try to solve it in this dematerialized version.


Tutored project - FPS

Create a server and fight against your friends in this FPS game.