Lights Orb

Lights Orb

Rubika - Supinfogame
Unreal Engine 4C++
WIP10/2019 - 03/2020

Slip into the shoes of a parkour amateur, pacing the heights of a simulated city!

With your Orb of Energy, overcome the obstacles on your way to get the highest score!


  • First person fast paced parkour game on PC
  • Solo game, about 45 minutes of gameplay
  • Mouse and Keyboard recommended, playable with a gamepad

Creation Context:

  • Fourth year student project made with UE4 and C++
  • Five month project with a team of 5 people

First Orb usageCameras danger


Lights Orb is a parkour game in which the player has to run from one rooftop to another, using an Orb of Energy. He has the ability to throw and recall it, and can use it to activate various devices. The orb being pretty big, the player is not able to climb while holding it, but its energy enhances his speed and jumps.

In order to go through the several obstacles on his way, he’ll have to swiftly and smartly link up his actions, throwing the orb in the right direction and recalling it at the right time to avoid fatal falls.

Lights Orb aspires to be demanding, proposing challenging levels he can feel free to replay as many times as he wants to master them and reach the shortest times as possible.


As Systems Programmer of the project, my main task was to develop the community part of the game. This whole package includes leaderboards, ghost players you can compare yourself to other players with the help of Steamworks integration. I also had to setup an API and a database to store leaderboard entries (until Steamworks integration) and ghosts as well as our analytics of the player's run.

Advanced situation

Robin Seignolles (Producer) ; Nathan Franco Stucklin (Game Designer and Props Artist) ; Nils Nerson (Level Designer) ; Sébastien Butor (Gameplay Programmer) ; Florian Hervieux (UI and Systems Programmer)

External Help:
Léna Loth (Animations) ; Corentin Castric (Sound Design) ; Valentin Picard (Houdini Tools) ; Nassim Lougrada (Music and Additional Features) ; Quentin Denois (Additional Features)